Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi & welcome to my blog.  I hope you will enjoy visiting everyday or from time to time just to check in to see what's baking.  I have been a home baker for years,  but I am not an artsy person so decorating isn't for me.  I'm just a girl who loves recipes, blogs, cookbooks, Food Network & The Cooking Channel etc.   I read alot that is why I wanted to incorporate my love for books with the fun of baking.  So if you love to bake I hope you will find something here that you want to try.  Or if you like to read & haven't in awhile maybe one of my book choices will spark an interest.  Then again if you are like me and always have a book or two going I hope you find something you haven't read!  Please leave feedback re:books...If you have read it let me know, if you read one of my picks tell me if you liked it.  I would love to know.  I do read a very diverse array of books so if it's not your cup-a-tea no problem, there will be many to choose from.
Please feel free to tell me about books you have read & if you think I would like them.  I'm up for reading most anything...but if I just can't get into it I will let you know that also. 
The time has come for pumpkin & I have been baking already.  Yummy pumpkin bread & I made pumpkin butter which was amazing!  I will post those recipes soon.  I am also working on a Facebook page so watch for that.

Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy Bakes n Books...

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