Tuesday, October 25, 2011

love walked in~

I get 99% of my books at the thrift store near us called The Hope Chest.  The reason I like this store is that the money they makes goes to hospice.  I find great books & when they are on sale I have gotten thirty two books @ one time for $3.20.  This is one of those books...

A smart coffee shop manager, Cornelia Brown who loves old Cary Grant & Jimmy Stewart movies, her best friend Linny & 'The Philadelphia Story'  (which I rented immediately & loved) is the backbone of the story.  She finds herself immersed in her boyfriends "family matters" when he shows up with his 11 year old daughter Clare Hobbes, that Cornelia had no clue about, does the story really get intense.  Enter Teo...hot best friend from childhood who married Cornelias sister Ollie.  Something nobody could figure out.

I really liked this book.  Kept me intrigued but also had a little romance.  This was the first book I have read by Marisa De Los Santos & will be on the lookout for more~


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