Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sourdough Starter

I believe every kitchen needs this.  I had some awhile ago & neglected to feed it so I lost it.  When I saw this in my bread book I decided to make a new batch...

2 cups warm water
1 TBSP sugar, honey or maple syrup (optional) - I used sugar
2 cups flour
1 TBSP dry yeast

* Beat all ingredients together in a 2 quart bowl.
* Cover the bowl with a towel and place it somewhere warm.  (Use a towel, not plastic wrap, to allow airborne wild yeast to enter - it will contribute to the unique character and flavor of your starter.)
* The mixture will begin to bubble within a few minutes.  Initially, it will double in bulk, but as it begins to ferment it will settle down.
* Let the mixture sit in a warm place, stirring the liquid back into the batter (as it will separate) once a day for 2-5 days.  when the bubbling diminishes and it has a sour  yeasty aroma, it is ready to use.
* Stir the mixture and measure out the amount you need.  It will be the consistancy of pancake batter.

To keep starter going:

* Store the finished starter in a sealed jar in the refrigerator.
* Each time you remove some starter to bake, replenish with equal amounts of flour and water.  (If you use 1/2 cup of starter, stir in 1/2 cup each flour and water.)  Then let the starter sit in a warm place for 12 hours and let the yeast bubble and grow again before returning it to the refrigerator.
* A starter can be kept indefinitely - just stir and feed it every week or two.  Stirring, removing and replenishing your starter serves to feed the remaining batter.

*** Do not use metal utensils in sourdough starter!!!


  1. My wife makes amazing desserts! She is always trying new recipes & getting me to to eat them...she baked fresh cookies today and this weekend will be sourdough pancakes!

  2. You can use a stainless steel spoon to stir it but don't let it set in the batter. I refresh my starter with equal parts milk and flour rather than water. Makes for a starter with a little more flavor and body. Try making sourdough biscuits. I'll send recipe when I find it.

  3. Thanks, would like the recipe. Ready to use my starter. Pancakes were really yummy.